• Improved num_clauses documentation

  • Improved docs

  • Improved error messages

  • Added support for signal propagation on BlackBox

  • Running module writes logs for each solver in separate directories

  • Fixes and improvements in Modelling, Tuning and BlackBox


  • Totalizer encoder, harmonization as list of clauses

  • New var method harmonization between solvers

  • Included ExecutionConstraints class to unify constraints between execution definitions

  • Internal Blackbox refactor of the Execution and Configuration modules


  • Added solver cloning

  • Added Blackbox v1

  • Added SatexBlackbox v1

  • Support for multiple solvers per running scenario

  • Improve exception messages and docs

  • Add support for Python 3.10

  • Refactor modules names

  • Other small changes, improvements and bug fixes