The SUT-G Generator

SUT-G is a System Under Test (SUT) generator. It uses a SAT instance as input to generate the constraints of the SUT, which will be an adapted subproblem of the SAT instance.

Given the SAT instance sat.cnf we can generate a SUT with 100 parameters of domain 2 with the following command:

ctlog SUT-G sat.cnf --n-params 100 --out sut.extacts

The SUT-G generator output the SUT in the Extended ACTS format.

For a complete list of all the available parameters for the SUT-G generator see the CLI Reference.

You can download the benchmarks that we generated for our article A Benchmark Generator for Combinatorial Testing in this link.

To uncompress these benchmarks you can use the following commands

tar xvf sut-g-benchmarks.tar.xz