Covering Array (CA)

We define a Covering Array (CA) (denoted by \(CA(N;t,S)\)) as a set of \(n\) test cases for a SUT model \(S\) such that all \(t\)-tuples are at least covered by one test case.

Covering Array Number (CAN)

The Covering Array Number (CAN) (denoted by \(CAN(t,S)\)) is the minimum \(N\) for which there exists a \(CA(N;t,S)\).

Covering Array Number problem

The Covering Array Number problem is to find a CA of size \(CAN(t,S)\).

Mixed Covering Array with Constraints (MCAC)

A Mixed Covering Array with Constraints (MCAC) is a Covering Array (CA) where the parameters domains of the SUT can have different cardinalities (Mixed) and the SUT can have SUT constraints.

Parameter tuple

A parameter tuple is a subset of parameters of a SUT.


We refer as the strength \(t\) as the size of the interactions that we are considering.

System Under Test (SUT)

System that exposes a finite set of parameters p of finite domain (called SUT parameters), and a set of constraints \(\varphi\) that implicitly represent the parameterizations that the system accepts (called SUT constraints).


A \(t\)-tuple is an assignment to the parameters of a Parameter tuple for a given Strength \(t\).

Test case

Complete assignment of values for each one of the parameters of the SUT.

Test suite

Set of test cases that are used to test a SUT.